You always need to be on the lookout for British and US English spelling inconsistencies in texts. Take a look at the following extract. Can you spot any errors with the British/US spelling consistency?

“The organisation predominately analyzes web trends for marketing purposes.”

Well, the spelling “organisation” is only acceptable in British English and the spelling “analyzes” is only for US English. As a result, “organisation” and “analyzes” can’t exist in the same document. Changing both to “s” would fix this for British English, and changing both to “z” would be fine for US English.

So, the corrected sentence should read:

“The organisation predominantly analyses web trends for marketing purposes.” (British English)

“The organization predominantly analyzes web trends for marketing purposes.” (US English)

Of course, this is only one example of the spelling differences between British and US English – unfortunately, there are plenty more. If you are editing on a computer, one basic step to take to avoid this issue is to ensure the spell checker is appropriately set to British or US English – there is no replacement for the human eye though!

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